See-Thru Child On Board Sticker by Ethan & Emma

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  • THE SAFEST BABY ON BOARD SIGN! As a parent, your child’s safety is of utmost importance. Unlike traditional baby signs that may obstruct your view, our See-Thru Child On Board Sticker provides maximum safety. You won’t even know it is there while you are driving.
  • GUARANTEE TO STAY ON! No more dealing with suction cup or magnet issues - just peel and apply our sticker to your window and it will stay there for as long as you need it. Ready to remove it? Simply peel off, with no remaining residue left on your window.
  • EVERYONE CAN SEE IT! The combination of bright colors and large graphics will caution people to drive more safely, and alerts first responders that a young child is in your vehicle in the event of an accident. Unlike traditional suction cup or magnet signs that can only be placed in certain locations of your window, our see-thru sticker can be placed in the most prominent locations. Whether it is a tinted or slanted window, the sticker is placed on the outside to maximize visibility.
  • LOOKS LIKE NEW, YEARS FROM NOW! Our sticker is designed to last. We use a special UV and weather-resistant ink, along with other materials to ensure your sticker will look just as new and cute for up to 5 years. Whether you live in a hot area or park your car outside all the time, our sticker will not fade.
  • NO MESSING UP YOUR CAR! Unlike magnet signs which can melt and damage your paint job, or suction cups that can destruct your defrost grid, our see-thru sticker is removed easily and causes no damage. When you are ready to remove it, the surface of the window will be like new and you won’t even know it was ever there.


We know when you are driving with your little one, their safety is the most important thing on your mind. You may worry about others driving behavior but you cannot control on how they drive. Give yourself peace of mind and let our stickers caution them to drive safely around you.


Unfortunately accidents happen and having a sticker to alert first responders that your little one is on board is crucial. Would you rely on a sign that is held up by a suction cup or the strength of a thin magnet? You will see that our sticker exceptionally adheres to your window, day in and day out. You can be sure it will outperform other signs in an accident and stay on your window to let first responders know your little one is with you.


As a parent, you do everything you can to keep your child safe. You drive safely, and you put your little one in a safe car seat. By adding a child on board sticker, you can have peace that you are providing the safest riding experience for your children, by letting others know you have young children in your vehicle. As parents ourselves, we believe any precaution you take is worth it for the safety of your precious cargo.

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