Our Story

Our Mission Is About Creating The Best Product For Parents Just Like You And Me. 

First of all the product you want needs to work, right? As a parent that’s the one objective we have for everything we purchase. It makes sense then that our mission at Ethan & Emma is to ensure that every product that you buy from us meets this aim time and time again.

At Ethan & Emma, we understand what it means to be a parent, which is why we are devoted to making parenting easier for you. We are committed to creating products that are functional and durable and that will withstand any encounter with small, but curious hands. We do the hard work of creating these products so that you can spend more time having fun with your kids.



All About The Details

When it comes to the details we ensure that nothing has been left out! From the usability of a feature to the look and feel of the finished product, we make sure everything we put into our creation is what a parent really wants and needs. For us customer feedback plays a huge part to the process of our product design. Upon the release of a product, we reach out to our VIP test group for feedback. We listen to what they say and revise where revision is required to ensure the parents are happy with the end results. Your opinion matters to us!

When we say that our products are designed by parents for parents, we are not simply mentioning the staff, but the people who buy our products too. It’s important to note that we are not just designing a product for you, but also for ourselves. As parents we want to use our own product because we know it is the best.


It Is Personal

Joe Lau is the founder of Ethan & Emma. Previously Joe had trouble finding a stroller organizer for his daughter that would suit his needs perfectly. Frustrated by the lack of storage space and drinks that continually tipped over, Joe decided to design his own stroller bag and put it into production.

Coming from a background in retail and manufacturing, Joe has the expertise to produce the ideal stroller organizer for parents. Consequently, with the success of the organizer, Ethan & Emma has expanded to produce additional products that have been designed to help out new parents. At Ethan & Emma we pride ourselves on creating premium products that have been designed by parents for parents.